Apple High-End Headphones, Maybe.

An article from Bloomberg claims that over-ear headphones should be released by Apple in 2018.

Considering the massive success of the AirPods, this doesn't come as a surprise.

Wait a minute...Apple owns Beats, which they paid $3 billion for back in 2014

Apple releasing their own high end headphones would effectively "cannabilize" beats headphones.

Take a look at history though, and you'll notice something...Apple has done this time and time again.

This chart of Apple's revenue shows that they have repeatedly abandoned products with huge revenue streams to create a better product that will "cannabilize" the previous product

The iPod competed with Macintosh and then the iPhone destroyed the iPod.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn't confirmed the headphone release yet.

When they do, you'll hear it here first!

For now, only time will tell.