Xuzir could revolutionize the specialist job market

Budding tech entrepreneur's, Ubayd Bapoo and Gideon Visser, have created the app "Xuzir" from their home in the beautiful country of South Africa.

Xuzir is a job platform that connects specialists with a person in need of that special skill. Their method of connecting people is simple. Specialists list their skills, like carpentry or computer whizz, on Xuzir for anyone to search. Also, users can post projects they need completed and specialists can bid on the projects to gain business. If you're a freelancer or specialist of any sort, check out their app in our bio!

Xuzir is a young app that's oozing with of potential - they have users ranging from India, Brazil, South Korea, and South Africa of course. Ubayd and Gideon highly regard and look up to Elon Musk, who shares their South African origin. They also strive to have a company culture similar to Zappos, which is a fabulous target to shoot for considering Zappos is known to have one of the best company cultures in the world.

Checkout their website or download their android app