After a long discussion - the Techchat team have come up with the best holiday gifts!

Urb-E Sport - $899 or $30/month

What's an Urb-E? Urb-E is the most compact mini electric bicycle to hit the market. It hits a top speed of 14 mph, 16-mile range per charge, and only weighs 30 lbs. Urb-E has found its niche with professionals who live close to the office and college campuses. To really understand what I'm even talking about you have to just follow me

Google Daydream - $99

What does it do: Android users can now be one of the first to be dive into virtual reality on the go! Just slide your phone in and choose from the thousands of apps listed.

I can take you to their virtual store if you follow me!

Apple Airpods - $159

What's the big deal about wireless headphones: Think of the Airpods as the smallest computer ever. It automatically connects to your Bluetooth device and completely removes the inconvenience of a cord. The pods can sense when they're in your ears and will pause when you take them out. To get a hold of Siri just double tap either Airpod. In addition to the 5 hours of charge, each pod has the charging case where they sleep and it has more than 24 hrs of battery.

To order a pair visit this link!

Augmented Reality Drone - $699

What is it: Epson released an augmented reality flight simulator that lets you pilot a virtual drone through the physical space around you. It's the perfect compliment to your DIJI drone. The package comes with the Moverio AR glasses and a Mavic remote!

To check out the glasses visit this link!

Ring Video Doorbell Pro - $249

What's so special about a doorbell: Ring allows homeowners to answer the door from virtually anywhere. Ring has an amazing video camera that you can tap into from anywhere with the Internet as well as the ability to send you alerts and footage when visitors trigger the built-in motion sensors or ring the bell. Really the only requirements is an existing hardwired doorbell and Internet connection to set yours up.

You can get more information about it by visiting this link

Nintendo Switch - $299

Another Nintendo gaming console? This isn't your typical gaming console. Gamers can dock the console at home and play on the TV or they can pull the console out of the dock to play on the go. Just check it out here and you'll see what I mean. You can even slide off one of the controllers from the side - which they call Joycons - to use each of them as individual controllers.

Apple Watch 3 - $329

So why Apple's smartwatch? For starters, Apple Watch has sold the second most in revenue behind Rolex. Those that own the Apple Watch notice that it soon becomes part of their daily life. You can answer phone calls from the middle of the pool or even ask Siri to set a reminder. Oh - and it's a fitness watch. The watch can track and analyze while you're on a relaxed hike or even when mountain biking.

Check out what Apple has to say about it here

M.A.X. Robotic Toy with Artificial Intelligence - $116

What's the point? M.A.X. is a robot that features both artificial intelligence and customizable programming. The robot comes with built-in infrared sensors to help it sense obstacles and navigate surfaces as it rolls around the open space. One of the best parts about M.A.X. is that someone has to build it. It's perfect for ages 10+ to challenge their critical thinking and make them a part of the future.

To see M.A.X. in action follow me here

Phillip's Sonicare Electric Toothbrush - $200

A 200 dollar toothbrush? This toothbrush is probably the best present you can give someone. I can guarantee you they'll use this present more than anything else - well - hopefully. It removes 10X more plaque, improves gum health, and makes teeth much whiter. The battery last two weeks and comes with a charging traveling case. Instead of throwing the toothbrush away when you need a new one simply buy new bristles.

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