iOS 11.1 update - 70 new emoji's

This update adds new emoji's including new expressions, vampires and zombies, breastfeeding, dinosaurs and the first ever gender-neutral characters.

If you've seen some of these emoji's before, it's because Apple teased us with a preview on Apple Movies this summer.

Other changes include the improvement of the 3D Touch gesture. Now, you can press the left side of the screen hard and swipe to the right to return to your previous app instead of pressing the home button twice.

FYI - you can only RECEIVE the new emoji's if you're updated to iOS 11.1, so go ahead and tap those settings buttons to update your software.

Once you update to iOS 11.1, text 214-686-7596 with your single favorite new emoji - we have a giant stuffed version of 1 new emoji and whoever sends us that emoji first will win the stuffed emoji! Woo!