Google's 7 new devices announced at their hardware event yesterday!

Yesterday, Google held their annual hardware event and announced 7 brand new products. Read on for a rundown of each new release!

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL - Google's 2nd version of their smartphone is now waterproof and built for the AR and VR future. The Pixel 2 starts at $649 and the XL starts at $849.

Pixel buds - Google's first pair of headphones. They are "wireless" but not Apple Airpod wireless. This is Google's chess move to plant their assistant inside your ear. It even has Google Translate built in to translate different languages in real time. They will cost you $159.

Pixelbook - Google's new tablet + laptop all in one. Weighing in at a measly 2 pounds, this touchscreen folds 360 degrees to morph into your preference - the tablet or the laptop.

Google Home Mini - This is the teeny tiny version of the Google Home speaker. Despite being the size of a donut, this mini speaker has all the functionality the original Google Home has. Oh, and it's just $49.

Google Home Max - If twin Google Home's weren't already enough, they created a triplet! This is the large tabletop version of the Google Home speaker that will send tunes throughout the biggest of house parties. Just to be clear, it's 20x more powerful than the Google Home. The price tag will read $399.

Daydream View - The 2nd and more polished version of Google's first VR headset. Improvements include a wider field of view and overall better viewing experience, new colors, and much more content for viewers to experience. Pre-order it now for $99.

Google Clips - A bit out of left field, this is Google's AI camera. It fits in your palm and uses the AI to snap photos of candid moments it can capture. Is this Google's attempt to make the necklace of the future??